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Creativity with a big smile!

Custom graphic work? Yes!
We are eager to shape your ideas.
By combining our experience with your vision, we create strong visual content.

BS Productions is a full-service graphic agency located on the outskirts of Brussels.
With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in branding, marketing, web design, packaging, photography, social media, advertising, and more.

What do we do ?


From designing a logo to creating a complete corporate identity, including business cards, we are ready to transform your values into a visual identity. Let us elevate your brand to new heights and leave a lasting impression.

We design eye-catching and functional packaging, from concept to production, with the goal of creating a unique and appealing representation in collaboration with you.

Our experienced designers ensure a professional look and ensure that your product receives the attention it deserves. In short, we are your partner for high-quality packaging design.


Web design

You've come to the right place for original and effective web design. We translate your ideas into a beautiful and customized design that exudes a sleek and professional appearance. With our attention to detail and years of experience in the field,
we guarantee that your website will become a unique and successful business card.


Discover the power of imagery. We capture your story with a focus on uniqueness and aesthetics. Whether it's product photography, portraits, atmospheric shots, or capturing events, our experience and versatility create compelling images. We handle the photography process ourselves (including in our own studio), as well as the necessary editing and selection of images to deliver a finished result.



Our team is ready to assist our clients in the realm of digital support and maintaining various social media platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to digital campaigns. We understand the importance of a strong online presence like no other and offer our expertise to elevate your digital marketing strategy to new heights. We can also manage your social media channels.


Our agency specializes in printing. From business cards to flyers, from posters to large banners, we provide printing services in all sizes, colors, shapes, and purposes.
We always deliver quality and ensure that your message leaves an impression. We don't just print on paper; we also offer services such as stickers, car wrapping, pens, banners, and more. Our skilled team guarantees the best results and takes care of your printing needs down to the last detail.

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